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Welcome! You may be court-ordered to receive counseling or perhaps you are seeking it on your own. Either way, we can help you. During regular business hours, please call to make sure we can get you scheduled, as our appointment calendars are very booked. We have day, evening and weekend hours. 858-217-5770. In the meantime, feel free to read this section and click on the link below to fill out the necessary forms to begin. Thank you! Our professional group of doctors and therapists are seasoned clinicians integrating a safe, effective, research-based treatment that focuses on solutions. In addition to utilizing cutting-edge technology like LENS Neurofeedback (Low Energy Neurofeedback System). 

If you are interested in LENS Neurofeedback Click HERE for More Data on Our New Website.

Neurofeedback San Diego
Have you had a concussion, been exposed to blowback (Explosive Concussion) or Traumatic Brain Injury and have suffered with: -Brain fog? -lack of sleep? -lack of focus? -migraine headaches? -anger and reactivity? and fatigue? If you find you are answering YES to the above questions then you possibly have a TBI that is continuing to create suffering in your life.

We do offer a payment plan such that you can afford treatment now as most insurances do not fully cover LENS or Neurofeedback.

Counseling and Neurofeedback Together

Clients who receive neurofeedback treatment can choose to do so in conjunction with their own individual therapy. Depending on what your presenting symptoms are or what you are hoping to resolve, there are several reasons why you might choose both or why you would select one over the other. In the sections below we provide some scenarios and a few reasons how choosing one or both services might serve your needs in the best way possible. Be assured that it is never a mistake to choose counseling and neurofeedback together. However, if you are having results with just one type of treatment, we want you to avoid additional treatments that might not be necessary. What we have witnessed when clients choose to do both is that the strategies and insights learned in counseling are enforced by the neurofeedback at the neurological level so that the client is better able to maintain their positive changes. Many clients report that neurofeedback has helped get them into the right space so they have the ability to process and delve deeper in their individual therapy. Also, it is best practice to provide CBT therapy while providing Direct Neurofeedback together. This also allows the client to utilize insurance as most insurance carriers do not reimburse for Direct Neurofeedback without CBT therapy being provided.

Choosing Neurofeedback During Counseling

We often have clients referred to us who feel “stuck” or have “plateaued” in their own individual counseling. This could be for many reasons but often is because they are unable to access their emotions as much as they desire. Sometimes they feel like they understand the roots of their anxiety or depression but still can’t move through it. Feeling “stuck” in individual counseling can also happen if circumstances in clients’ lives are particularly stressful, keeping them activated in their “flight, fight or freeze response.” This means they have activated their sympathetic nervous system and are therefore less able to accomplish introspection during counseling as they are in “survival mode.” In these types of situations, neurofeedback is a great addition. It can serve to support and further the work being done in counseling as it can help the brain and body relax, which allows internal shifts to resume.

Choosing Counseling After Neurofeedback

The most common reason why people pursue counseling after completing their treatment of neurofeedback is that their ability to process things that they were not aware of before is heightened. Many clients come in with the strong tendency to “numb out” of their present lives, whether that is through technology, alcohol, drugs, pornography, work or some other distraction. Often they find that during neurofeedback treatments they become more aware of the emotions and feelings underlying their symptom of numbing and thus want to explore it further through individual counseling.

What is the right approach for you?

The FCSD treatment team leverages a variety of treatment modalities to better meet your needs. While we are here to guide you and find the “best fit” to help obtain your treatment goals, some clients prefer to seek a specific type of treatment. Others simply wish to know more about the treatment modalities they are exploring. When available, we have also provided links to resources that our clients may find of interest (e.g. relevant videos; treatment worksheets). Please note that certain treatment modalities are implemented by only select FCSD team members. To be matched to a therapist by treatment type contact our office manager.
neurofeedback san diego LENS
Our personal experience with the LENS started with the recovery of trauma and also facilitated a reduction in pain.  Because each person is different there is no way of knowing the exact effect the LENS will have on an individual.  But our goal is a more relaxed, less stressed, better functioning and focused individual.

Further Research

To learn more about neurofeedback and its uses, please start by visiting: Even if your bump to the head was more than 1 or more years ago and you still have symptoms, we can Help! Why struggle anymore? At Family Counseling San Diego Inc we off a safe and very effective, drug-free proven approach using Low Energy Neurofeedback. In just 10-12 weeks of treatment, your brain will operate more efficiently and you will begin to think more clearly, have better focus, get better sleep, be less reactive and have more energy! You should notice a reduction in your migraine headaches as well! Call Family Counseling San Diego Inc today and visit our website to learn more. At FamilyCounselingSanDiego.Com Inc, we offer an integrated drug-free approach to help our clients reach their full potential. If you are stressed, depressed, anxious, concussed to TBI, have brain fog, lack attention, have ADD/ADHD, have compassion fatigue, or other neurological inefficiencies, please give us a call at 858-217-5770. We use LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems) therapy for the micro-pulse technology that reorganizes neural patterns in our brains assisting our brains to optimize and reorganize itself. We have created a safe, professional and friendly atmosphere to help our clients reach their potential.

We are offering a payment plan such that you can afford treatment now as most insurances do not fully cover LENS or Neurofeedback.
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