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Welcome to FamilyCounselingSanDiego.COM, a private practice based in San Diego California area offering Neurofeedback to the Mira Mar Naval Air Station personnel and there families in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego. Brain imaging technology paired with effective therapy and treatment has shown that our brains are capable of changing for the better. Neurocounseling uses brain-based interventions to treat clients more holistically by integrating knowledge of the brain and physiology with traditional counseling assessments and treatment plans. Brain-based techniques are proven to produce mental health improvements in clients with traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress, depression, substance abuse, autism and ADHD. By learning how therapy can treat clients’ brains and not only their behaviors, counselors can teach clients emotional and physiological self-regulation skills to better manage their emotions and gain new coping strategies. Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches, edited by Thomas A. Field, Laura K. Jones and Lori A. Russell-Chapin, provides the foundations for becoming a skilled neuroscience-informed counselor and offers clear, accessible approaches for incorporating neurocounseling interventions into clinical practice.

Neurofeedback is Brainstate Management Training, or is sometimes referred to as a “Self-Regulation” modality that can help with a wide variety of presenting symptoms. Training with Neurofeedback helps your brain and your Central Nervous System communicate and execute better, dramatically reducing many presenting symptoms and thus improving your quality of life!

Our mission is to awaken and nurture the healing abilities inherent in each of us, so we can expand to our highest potential in body, mind, and spirit.



Neurofeedback directly impacts brain function, using real-time displays of brain activity (measured by an EEG device), to teach the brain self-regulation, treating a range of brain disorders.


Direct Neurofeedback (LENS) vs. Traditional Neurofeedback

As noted earlier, there are different ways to go about changing brain waves. The simplest way to differentiate between traditional neurofeedback and Direct Neurofeedback (LENS) is that Traditional Neurofeedback is “retraining” your brain while Direct Neurofeedback is “disrupting” negative patterns in the brain to get it “unstuck.”

Both types of neurofeedback place multiple sensors on a scalp and use computer software to display an electroencephalogram (EEG) of the clients’ brain.

Traditional Neurofeedback uses images, sounds, or lights to “reward” the client when the machine detects that they have managed to put their brainwaves in the target frequency-range. In contrast, Direct Neurofeedback (LENS) sends a small signal that disrupts the brain from generating brain waves in its stuck patterns. The main benefits of using Direct Neurofeedback (LENS) is that initial results are noted more quickly, sessions are shorter, and fewer sessions are needed overall.

See below for a comparison:

Direct Neurofeedback (LENS)

  • Client is passive as the treatment changes brain frequencies
  • Small signal sent back to the brain
  • Untrains stuck patterns in brain
  • Initial results noted in 1-2 sessions
  • Sessions last 30 minutes
  • Typically 15-20 sessions needed for full treatment

Traditional Neurofeedback

  • client actively focuses on changing brain frequencies
  • no signal sent back to brain
  • trains the brain to move towards desirable frequencies
  • initial results 6-10 sessions
  • Session last 45-60 minutes
  • Typically 30-40 sessions needed for full treatment

LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a newer form of neurofeedback that we offer at our clinic. This non-invasive and quick treatment option has been used for 20-plus years. It has been shown to diminish problems associated with dysregulation of the central nervous system such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, mood dysregulation, brain injury, attentional issues, and learning and memory problems.

  • Recent, acute or less complicated symptoms may resolve in less than 20 sessions.
  • If you are more sensitive or have a history of complicated or chronic problems, you may need more than 20 sessions. It has been our experience that people with complex developmental trauma may need a few years of LENS treatment in combination with other modalities in order to fully benefit.
  • We keep explanation simple and request you to complete online LENS Questionnaire prior to treatment to expedite your time in the office.
  • We utilize what your insurance provides and you only pay for the LENS equipment administration time. Look at FEES at the menu above.

People who are familiar with EEG Neurofeedback as entrainment (playing games and moving things on the screen with a mind).  LENS is dys-entrainment, faster, broad-ranging, non-intrusive as its non-pharmaceutical, customized by your own brain. This is what we help to do. At FamilyCounselingSanDiego, we integrate this new cutting-edge treatment approaches technology to expedite treatment success. We also utilize positive psychology, solution focused, dialectical, mindfulness counseling, brain nutrition, and multiple types of which will be discussed with you during your intake session at which time we create your treatment plan to find a route to symptom relief as quickly as possible. LENS is at the forefront of new brain technologies. It is unique in terms of how it works, the wide range of its benefits, and the speed and effectiveness with which it works. LENS is particularly effective for anxiety, depression, ADD and traumatic brain injury.

  • We are on more than 15 different insurance panels such as Optum, Tri-Care West, Healthnet, MHN, UHC, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, IEHP, and others are accepted.
  • There are problems with some insurances from some university/company employees such as UCSD and Healthnet. They have a special contract to provide mental health services through Optum Behavioral Health not MHN (Managed Health Network) which is owned by Healthnet and typically were patients go through to get services. So please do call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what Mental Health Provider is your company is currently contracted with. Also, remember that all medium to large companies have Employee Assistance Program (Preventative Counseling is free and confidential through a number that your HR department gives you.) We are on most plans and if not we can get on your plan quickly. We are devoted to helping you achieve your goals and feel better quickly.

The EEG field, like the ones that surround digital watches and wires in the wall, to carry feedback to the person receiving it. The feedback travels down the same wires carrying the brain waves to the amplifier and computer. Although the feedback signal is weak, it produces a measurable change in the brainwaves without conscious effort from the individual receiving the feedback. The LENS software allows the EEG signals that are recorded at the scalp to control the feedback.

The almost undetectable feedback power uses a frequency that is different from but correlates with, the dominant brainwave frequency. When exposed to this feedback frequency, the EEG amplitude distribution changes in power. Most of the time the brain waves reduce power, but at times they also increase in power. In either case, the result is a changed brainwave state and much greater ability for the brain to regulate itself.

When stress or other outside factors, or biologically based mechanisms, disturb the nervous equilibrium, this type of relaxation modality can catalyze the brains own ability to rebalance, which to the stressed individual, can be experienced as a reversal effect and affect typically problematic high powered slow waves.

When used toward this end (it’s not a medical device; it’s an educational tool for somatic re-education and relaxation) the central nervous system learns to re-tone its own reactions to stimulation. The size of one’s neurological reaction reduces, which helps the person to be more discerning and function at a higher level.

Our personal experience with the LENS started with the recovery of trauma and also facilitated a reduction in pain.  Because each person is different there is no way of knowing the exact effect the LENS will have on an individual.  But our goal is a more relaxed, less stressed, better functioning and focused individual.



OUR MISSION at FamilyCounselingSanDiego.Com, INC.

Direct Neurofeedback & Wellness Therapies improve brain regulation, which can improve symptoms related to many conditions:

  • Autism
  • RAD
  • Sensory

I am so grateful for the progress my son has made, he’s gone from a very limited, self-contained class to attending a school for LD kids and is catching up in all his academics! -SS, mother of 13YO ASD child

  • Achievement
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety
  • Memory

Now my son can really focus, and all his grades are good. -GL

  • Achievement
  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Athletics
  • Concentration
  • Motivation
I no longer have any issues with time; everything just flows perfectly. -MC
  • CFS
  • Lyme Disease
  • MCS
  • Pain
  • TMJ

After 15 years with chronic lyme and fibromyalgia, I had tried everything, and now I have my life back! -JG

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine
  • MS
  • Parkinsons
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger/Rage
  • Bipolar
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Anoxia
  • PTSD
  • Stroke
  • Vertigo

My feelings of depression and despair are gone; I even have my physical energy back! -RL

My husband’s memory is improving; he’s started helping around the house again. -VM

Imagine your brain as a high performance race car, and the electrical systems of your brain and how it communicates with your central nervous system are the gears that help to “shift” the states of your brain and body.  When we have a driver that struggles with “shifting” that state due to any number of presenting issues; sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, attention issues, addiction, anxiety related or behavioral/emotional  issues (tantrums, anger management), stress, etc., we tend to find that life becomes more of a struggle, and things become more difficult, escalating the cycle.

Neurofeeback is a safe, non-invasive or medication based modality that helps to alleviate the symptoms that tend to present when our systems are not functioning optimally, blocking us from living full and complete lives.  Sometimes it is difficult to change the patterns our brains have fallen into, and Neurofeedback is a way to “re-train” your brain to perform better. It’s like going to the gym for your brain!

Many people have issues that do not respond well to medications or want to explore alternative solutions for their presenting issues, and research has proven that people with these issues have different brainwaves (EEG) than those without these issues.   Using this information, Neurofeedback helps to teach the brain to get more regulated.

How do we do this? We show the brain a picture of itself (the brain is quite self-absorbed), by placing sensors on the scalp to “show” the brain its activity.  The clinician sees the actual brainwaves, the client sees things in the form of a video game that the software is using to give “feedback” to the brain The brain receives a tone and/or image to let it know it is functioning better.   By showing the brain its ebb and flow, and allowing itself to “train” towards better self-regulation, the brainwave activity begins to shift towards more desirable performance. No electrical current comes from the sensors to the client, it is completely safe and non-invasive.  The frequencies that we work with and the placement of the sensors over specific parts of the brain are based on the presenting symptoms and our assessment of the conditions we are trying to improve.

Is this a “cure”?  When we are speaking of problems of dis-regulation, Neurofeedback takes the approach that there is not a disease to be “cured”, but that better self-regulation has proven to alleviate the issue.  When speaking of more organic brain issues, it is about getting the brain to function better. In either case, the word cure is not applicable.

Because Neurofeedback is a way to retrain the brain, the brain will hold onto these skills. We typically start with 20 sessions, with a minimum of twice weekly, and re-evaluate at that time to see if more sessions are needed. Sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes of actual time on the software, and clients tend to find it very enjoyable. You really won’t “feel” anything as we are working at a subconscious level where the brain is processing this information on its own. It is a passive process, you don’t have to make it work.  More degenerative type conditions like Dementia or Parkinson’s may require ongoing treatments, as would something like the Autism spectrum where there are ongoing issues with the system. Most clients see results surpassing their expectations, since their current states have become so “normalized” they are frequently surprised at how much they improve.

At, we strive to make Neurofeedback accessible to all, and as such you will find that our rates are offered at a discount compared to other providers. We offer a free consultation over the phone, and be sure to ask us about our free assessment and 1st session offer that comes with a multisession purchase.

Thank you for considering  as your provider in the San Diego area, we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain disregulation. These happen to be numerous. They include the anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS and emotional disturbances. It is also useful for organic brain conditions such as seizures, the autism spectrum, and cerebral palsy.

Using EEG (electroencephalogram) Emotiv Epoc 14 ch device with mind retaining games can improve performance and decrease symptoms of learning disabilities. With ADHD Mr. Martin found this method makes significant progress and high functioning autism neurofeedback has been researching impressive gains in ability to socialize better and over all quality of life improvements in multiple research studies over the last 10 years. This treatment is only $100 for initial assessment session and $50 per session but you must agree to at least 20 sessions for long lasting change to occur as per all the research studies indicate. After the 2 time a week sessions for the 20 times then you can go into maintenance of twice a month.

We apply electrodes to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer, and we extract information about certain key brainwave frequencies. (All brainwave frequencies are equal, but some are more equal than others…) We show the ebb and flow of this activity back to the person, who attempts to change the activity level. Some frequencies we wish to promote. Others we wish to diminish. We present this information to the person in the form of a video game. The person is effectively playing the video game with his or her brain. Eventually the brainwave activity is “shaped” toward more desirable, more regulated performance. The frequencies we target, and the specific locations on the scalp where we listen in on the brain, are specific to the conditions we are trying to address, and specific to the individual.


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