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Our group classes are typically 12 weeks long but can be adjusted to more sessions for those that need them up to 52 weeks.  All programs are open ended.  This means there is no specific start date or end date.  You may begin class anytime you wish! Every participant in class will use a client workbook.   Our model is a cognitive behavioral and psycho-educational approach to working with anger related issues and problems.  Unlike a psychotherapy group, our classes will focus on a different skill or tool each week.  Each of these tools is from our client workbook and participants will be required to either read or follow along during class.  The classes are meant to be a fun, engaging, didactic learning experience.  We will typically discuss and practice a new skill on a weekly basis and clients will be asked to practice these skills as homework assignments.  Skills covered in the classes include: 

1. Communication and Listening
2. Stress Management
3. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
4. How to have better judgment and impulse control
5. Forgiveness
6. Learn to Respond instead of React
7. Learning to retreat and think things over
8. Expectation management
9. Improve self-talk and optimistic thinking

Our courses are ideal for couples, individuals, business professionals, court referrals, and those seeking to improve skills in anger and stress management.  Most of us know that anger can ruin relationships.  Why wait until your anger has destroyed a meaningful relationship?  Get the help you need today and complete what the court or probation officer has requested. We have many different educational topics as Mr. Martin worked as Director for West Coast Recovery Center assisted with developing it’s program. Mr. Martin was also trained by MHN working as a DUI program cowardinator for 4 years and therapist for American Addiction Centers. 

Substance Abuse Group Court Probation Approved San Diego

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