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Recovery Resources

AA Beyond BeliefAA Beyond BeliefA magazine style site with articles of interest to agnostics, atheists and freethinkers in AA
AA GrapevineAA GrapevineThe International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous
Al-Anon Family GroupsAl-Anon Family GroupsAt Al‑Anon Family Group meetings, the friends and family members of problem drinkers share their experiences and learn how to apply the principles of the Al‑Anon program to their individual situations.
Alcoholics Anonymous World ServicesAlcoholics Anonymous World ServicesOfficial site of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc.
Birds of a Feather InternationalBirds of a Feather InternationalBirds of a Feather was formed in response to the need for meeting places for pilots and cockpit crew members where addiction to alcohol may be discussed with anonymity and impunity.
Gays and Lesbians in Alcoholics AnonymousGays and Lesbians in Alcoholics AnonymousGaL-AA (Gays and Lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous) serves the gay and lesbian members of Alcoholics Anonymous.
International Conference of Young People in AAInternational Conference of Young People in AAThe International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (ICYPAA) was founded for the purpose of providing a setting for an annual celebration of sobriety among young people in AA.
International Doctors in Alcoholics AnonymousInternational Doctors in Alcoholics AnonymousIDAA is a worldwide fellowship of more than 6000 healthcare professionals of doctorate level who help one another achieve and maintain recovery from addictions.
International Lawyers in Alcoholics AnonymousInternational Lawyers in Alcoholics AnonymousInternational Lawyers in Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of recovered lawyers and judges carrying the message of recovery within our profession. Our purpose is to act as a bridge between reluctant (in denial) lawyers/judges and Alcoholics Anonymous.
Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics AnonymousNative American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics AnonymousThe Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous functions to provide a vision of recovery, unity and service to the more than 500 sovereign Indian Nations in North America, which are recognized by the Federal Governmen
Online Intergroup of Alcoholics AnonymousOnline Intergroup of Alcoholics AnonymousThe Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous now represents scores of online groups with a combined membership numbering many thousands.
Oxford HouseOxford HouseOxford House is a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home.
Recovery Podcasts
AA Beyond Belief PodcastAA Beyond Belief PodcastA discussion of AA and other recovery related topics from the perspective of an agnostic, atheist and freethinker
After Party PodAfter Party PodAfterPartyPod is a weekly podcast that features interviews with musicians, actors, comedians and writers about addiction, sobriety, recovery and mental illness (all the fun stuff!)
Alcoholism-Recovery-RadioAlcoholism-Recovery-RadioA great podcast that takes a multifaceted approach to recovery.
Bad StoryBad StoryFour five-minute segments examining the facets of recovery that mean the most to Laura (The Sobriety Collective): Mental health, Family, Creativity, Community.
Buzz Kill PodBuzz Kill PodLooking at life through the lens of recovery. Humorous at times, serious at times, but always real.
Klean RadioKlean RadioKLEAN Radio Show is hosted by Klean Treatment Center CEO, Andrew Spanswick and Pat O’Brien. The radio show broadcasts every Sunday night from 6 – 7pm out of KABC Studios in Los Angeles on Talk Radio KABC 790. Topics include addiction, recovery, mental hea
Real SobrietyReal SobrietyReal Recovery Insight in 5 Minutes or Less.
Rebellion Dogs RadioRebellion Dogs RadioLess dogma, more bite – 12 Step Life in 21st century language
Recovery 101Recovery 101Recovery 101 Radio is a recovery radio program based loosely on 12 step recovery programs. The format is less like a meeting and more like going to coffee afterward. The “Meeting AFTER the meeting” as it were.
Recovery ElevatorRecovery ElevatorHere’s an idea. When you’re a closet alcoholic who’s quit drinking more times than you can count, start a podcast to hold yourself accountable as publicly as possible. Share your struggles, your triumphs, and every lesson you’re learning along the way.
Since Right NowSince Right NowShunning stereotypes and shattering the stigma of being in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. This is the Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast — the podcast of KLĒN + SŌBR /
That Sober Guy PodcastThat Sober Guy PodcastThat Sober Guy Podcast focuses on living a positive, healthy, sober lifestyle. Stop drinking, stop using, and start living.
The Bubble HourThe Bubble HourThe Bubble Hour is co-hosted by Ellie S., Amanda F., Catherine M. and Jean M. – sober women who are dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism.
The Shair PodcastThe Shair PodcastSHAIR pronounced “share”, spelled S-H-A-I-R, is an acronym for “Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery”. It’s a podcast where we bring you amazing life changing success stories from addicts and alcoholics all over the world who share their inspiring journey of
Wrestling with AddictionWrestling with AddictionA sometimes humorous and real look at the insanity of addiction and the often mundane life of sobriety. As told through the lens of an addiction specialist, recovering alcoholic, cat lover, and pro wrestling enthusiast.
You're Killing Me!You’re Killing Me!A Not-at-All Rigorously Humorous Look at Addiction and Recovery in Pop Culture.
More Resources
12stepphilosophy12stepphilosophyA blog by Steve K. Author of The 12 Step Philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous
AA AgnosticaAA AgnosticaA Space for AA Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers Worldwide
Alcoholism: Recovery without Religiosity by John L.Alcoholism: Recovery without Religiosity by John L.The webpage for John L author of A Freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous
Alternative Twelve StepsAlternative Twelve StepsSecular and Alternative Versions of the Twelve Steps
Arizona WAAFT ConferenceArizona WAAFT ConferenceSaturday, November 7, 2015 at the Burton Barr Central Library
BlueSkies RecoveryBlueSkies Recovery
C Three FoundationC Three FoundationEvery year 3.3 million people die from alcohol-related injury and disease. They don’t have to. There is a scientifically tested way to reverse the alcohol cravings felt by those with alcohol use disorder. The Sinclair Method
Cocaine AddictionCocaine Addiction
DrugRehab.comDrugRehab.comInformation and Answers for People Fighting Addictions
International Agnostic AA Meeting DirectoryInternational Agnostic AA Meeting DirectoryAgnostic AA meetings from the world over
Leaving AA Staying Sober: New Perspectives on RecoveryLeaving AA Staying Sober: New Perspectives on RecoveryHe left AA after thirteen years of committed fellowship and is happily sober. This blog recounts his experience leaving AA.
Life Ring Secular RecoveryLife Ring Secular RecoveryLifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs.
Recovering from RecoveryRecovering from RecoveryI’m Mike and this is my site and blog which I talk about various issues and things that I have found helpful in recovering from alcoholism and addiction. I talk about books I have read, that I feel would help others and link to other sites.
Recovery 101Recovery 101Online bookstore specializing in modern recovery literature.
Recovery LighthouseRecovery Lighthouse
Sanctuary LodgeSanctuary Lodge
Secular Organizations for SobrietySecular Organizations for SobrietyS.O.S. is a highly effective alternative to the 12-step model of recovery, and provides yet another path to recovery from addiction.
SMART RecoverySMART RecoverySMART Recovery is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, sci
Start an Agnostic AA MeetingStart an Agnostic AA MeetingStart an Agnostic AA Meeting in Your Community
The FixThe FixYour source for addiction recovery news and sober living tips.
William White PapersWilliam White PapersThe site contains some four hundred articles by addictions expert Bill White
Web Site
Toronto SkylineICSAA 2018 Website
AA AgnosticaSOAAR 2017 Website
Secular Ontario AA Roundup
AA AgnosticaAA Agnostica
AA Agnostica Resources
AA Beyond BeliefAA Beyond Belief
Beyond Belief Podcasts
Rebellion DogsRebellion Dogs
Rebellion Dogs Publishing
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