What is Neurofeedback? Natural Treatments for ADD and ADHD, Insomnia, migraines and chronic fatigue.

This video was shown on national news some years ago in Australia. It’s a very good explanation – simple and clear, of both neurofeedback and it’s impact on a very difficult ADHD child. There are probably other problems this child had that didn’t get labeled.

Published on Mar 14, 2013

Neurofeedback and Other Brain Based Change Technologies Technology* is often portrayed as the antithesis of new age goals and values. Technology is often seen as contributing to our separation from all things natural and good. The list of negative effects from technology is long indeed and we are well advised to be wary of advances in the hardware and software we use in our everyday lives to make phone calls (radiation from cell phones), type a newspaper article (EMF radiation from monitors, repetitive strain injuries from keyboards, etc.), or provide ourselves with musical entertainment (unnoticed hearing damage from loud headphones). There are, of course other uses of technology that may actually help people reach “higher” levels of consciousness. Many people find themselves resistant to “new age” ideals when they are presented in the context of traditional approaches such as religion, yoga, Buddhist meditation and other spiritual practices. Some of these people find it easier to accept the benefits of introspection, meditation, breath awareness, relaxation and transformative experiences when they come in the form of a technological approach. There are also many people that new age practices don’t reach. Extreme examples of such people are criminals in prison for capitol offenses. Mostly men, often with little remorse for their crimes and little empathy for their victims these people cost society a great deal and there is often little hope of “rehabilitation”.
Interesting characteristics begin to emerge when we look at these individuals a little more closely. Most (more than 60%) qualify for a diagnosis of attention disorder (ADHD) and/or learning disability. 


The Next Generation in Neurofeedback is LENS in which the first session you see change and after 10-12 sessions you will be amazed at how much change you see.

LENS Neurofeedback can result in brainwave changes. With those changes, we often see greater relaxation and a sense of ease and emotional resilience. LENS Neurofeedback is not diagnosis specific. It is not a treatment for any specific condition. It is a generalized process that optimizes brain function. However, as self-regulation occurs, many symptoms that have their basis in central nervous system dysfunction begin to improve quickly in weeks not months.



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